Tell me the reason why you hate New York Yankees

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Posted by : dan the j's fan on Sat, 10-13-2012 03:53:08 PM

198 million pay roll. a cap at 120 would be nice and good for everyone else in the league but the yankies

Posted by : Puten Tame on Sat, 10-13-2012 08:33:55 AM

H8rs gonna H8! Yankees rule, other teams drool!

Posted by : Q on Sat, 10-13-2012 06:24:58 AM

I hate them because they raped my dog!

Posted by : Zip on Sat, 10-13-2012 05:56:12 AM

I'm a Met fan...and as much bad #%#!!{}^##!!:{ luck that we have, the Stankees have it the other way...every year...forever...F-ck 'em...
...'nuff said...

Posted by : charlie on Sat, 10-13-2012 03:34:34 AM

because they are the ny yankees, damn it.

Posted by : wow on Thu, 10-11-2012 09:03:26 PM

sore loooooosers!!

Posted by : mattimar on Thu, 10-11-2012 05:55:01 PM

Because i am a mets fan and I am jealous of their inordinate success..just look at last night

Posted by : Edward Jenkins on Thu, 10-11-2012 11:27:46 AM

They steal other team's best players, they're obnoxious, greedy, and their fans feel they're entitled.

Posted by : diggy on Thu, 10-11-2012 07:03:19 AM

because I hate them!!!

Posted by : John Fagan on Thu, 10-11-2012 05:48:40 AM


Posted by : Tom on Mon, 10-08-2012 04:56:07 PM

Because they are a ****ing superteam that nobody can beat. They are monopolizing the entire sport. Rich assholes.

Posted by : Mike on Thu, 10-04-2012 07:06:48 AM

They always ****ing win! Try being a Mets fan. Its not easy bitches!

Posted by : Prince on Tue, 9-25-2012 09:20:20 AM

Not sure. Texas has an incredible linuep but their pitching scares nobody. However, trying to steal (or hit and run) with Pujols at bat is probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a baseball game. Then again, that's not to excuse the Yankees from doing anything dumb they are certainly guilty of that. This WS has been somewhat enjoyable however the one blow out game sort of took something out of it. It's going to be tough now for St. Louis, they lost a game that Carpenter started .. I think they needed to win that game to have a shot. Still, I will be rooting for a game 7 because those are always fun. St. Louis having home field is a separate issue. I'm starting to really come around to the idea that home field should be tied to the overall League records on interleague play. I think this creates interest in the interleague schedule, and could make for some interesting series as interleague play concludes. Say, for instance, the records are close heading into that final weekend of play . an otherwise boring matchup of KC vs. San Diego might determine home field advantage in the WS! I think fans in that city where the game will be played will be juiced and the national media will pay close attention. The nice thing is . you create a different situation every season. Could be fun!

Posted by : Richar on Tue, 9-25-2012 06:58:23 AM

I agree on ARod. When the Yankees started this run back in 1996 they were a TEAM, not just a bunch of high paid merrneacies. I seem to remember having a pretty good team with a guy names Scott Brocius at 3B. Maybe ARod has a curse. Maybe Jose Canseco's new book will spill the beans on ARod being on the juice.

Posted by : Kamberley on Tue, 9-25-2012 06:06:04 AM

A really good answer, full of ratinaoilty!

Posted by : Jenay on Tue, 9-25-2012 06:02:00 AM

Very valid, pithy, suciccnt, and on point. WD.

Posted by : Che on Sun, 9-23-2012 05:49:26 PM

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Posted by : Shanaka on Sun, 9-23-2012 03:03:11 PM

I will try to update this blog mlptilue times a day (at least on game days). Off days can kind of be slow, but knowing the Yankees, there's always some news out there.

Posted by : Leo on Sun, 9-23-2012 01:37:42 PM

Well I guess if I have to choose beeetwn those two, it would be the Red Sox. You know how much I love sports. Spinach in a smoothie, maybe if I tried it and didn't know it was in there? I might even watch some of the big game tonight. Butler, is that the school you used to go to Australia?

Posted by : Hima on Sun, 9-23-2012 11:27:30 AM

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Posted by : Woods on Sun, 9-23-2012 10:57:42 AM

Insights like this liven tighns up around here.

Posted by : Jonnie on Sun, 9-23-2012 10:15:49 AM

This is an atrilce that makes you think "never thought of that!"

Posted by : Gastara on Sun, 9-23-2012 04:09:39 AM

I read your posting and was jaleuos

Posted by : A's on Tue, 9-18-2012 02:51:00 AM

Lets go A's!!

Posted by : Llllllllllll on Sun, 9-02-2012 03:54:00 AM

Let's Go Cardinals! Jon jay MVP

Posted by : Hi on Wed, 8-29-2012 04:14:16 AM

No one is home grown

Posted by : Zack on Sat, 8-25-2012 06:34:38 PM

They ruin baseball. they buy every single decent player the see and sit him on the bench just so other teams cant have them. Their tickets are over priced. a-rod is the biggest douchebag on the planet next to lil wayne and drake. their field is the size of a high school field, and people wonder why they hit so many home runs. their fans are all bandwagoners who i bet cant even name their catcher. there's nothing TO like about them. anyone who's a TRUE fan of the game of baseball should hate the yankees.

Posted by : BOOYAH on Tue, 8-21-2012 09:12:14 PM

Typical Redsocks fan. Always blaming others for their own demise.

Posted by : Lol on Mon, 8-20-2012 11:34:44 AM

Jealousy is a bitch

Posted by : Unknown red sox fan on Thu, 8-16-2012 07:22:47 AM

Yankees are overprice and there over rated,think about how many Yankees fans have woren a red sox jersey and claiming to be a real red sox's fan. In my opinion they should banned the team and give a chance to the rest of the american league a chance to be in the spot for thr wild
card or even winning a division pennate.if another yankee fan comes up to me and ask me to wear a jersey or wear the official hat, I would just say "let's go red sox, for a long period of time until the leave me alone and realize that I don't like the New York Yankees.